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In 1992, under the umbrella of the Agricultural Cooperative Haňovice, we acquired extrusion technology from the renowned company Fatra Napajedla. This step marked the beginning of our journey as the company Plasty Mladeč (PM) in the production of extruded plastic profiles, which we initiated in the picturesque heart of Haná in Olomouc.

With a commitment to continuous improvement, over the years, we replaced outdated technology with top-of-the-line extruders from Weber and equipment from Ci.emme. Between 2009 and 2011, we fully engaged in the development of a production program focused on profiles for pocket filters. In 2013, we also started a new chapter in the production of filament strings for FDM 3D printing, which you now know under the brand Filament PM.

With increasing demand and ambitions, in 2016, we opened a new production hall in the village of Haňovice. The production of filament strings also moved here and continues to evolve. Our original facility in Mladeč was not neglected - it underwent a comprehensive reconstruction and technological boost to achieve even higher quality in the production of plastic profiles.


At Plasty Mladeč, we specialize in custom extruded profile production. Thanks to our modern technologies and skilled team, we can meet even the most demanding requirements of our customers.

If you're looking for a partner for the production of extruded profiles, we are happy to offer available capacities in our manufacturing process. Together with you, we will find the optimal solution for your needs.

We believe in the importance of ecological responsibility. Therefore, we offer the recycling of contaminated pocket filters. After personal discussion and agreement, we will ensure their safe disposal.

We also provide a service for the recycling of Filament PM spools. With us, you can be confident that we will handle your materials with the utmost care and consideration for the environment.

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Product Specialist / Sales +420 602 531 090
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